Bed Bugs/Pepijat Bed Bugs

Cant sleep at night? Try to DIY but cant solve the problem? Let the professional help you to get rid of these late night blood suckers. You will never want to miss our Bed Bug control services, Best In Penang.

Bed Bugs/Pepijat Bed Bugs
Beg bug bites are irritating. They can be very irritating because you’ll be itching a lot and you cant even find them. 

Quick fact:
The female bed bug can lay around 3-7 eggs a day if feeding is available, laying more than 300 eggs in her lifetime.  

Control Bed Bugs with us:

Inspection & treatment for active cases:
 A well-trained specialist will assess your home, implement a solution that will suit your current bed bug infestation.

Monitoring programme
A programme that enable for you to prevent/keep track of beg bug in your home.

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